Watching The Tide at The Beach

Posted on January 16, 2016

The beach is a good place. I wrote about this the other day, and in case you had any lingering doubts, I posted this video to set you straight. More waves make for a better afternoon, that’s for sure.

James Keliher at The Beach from James Keliher on Vimeo.

What I don’t get about the beach, which I admittedly love year-round is this whole polar bear club nonsense, of people jumping in the North Atlantic in January. Seems like a great way to have a heart attack or something serious like that. Sure, it’l get your blood flowing and your heart racing, but at what cost? A bit more drama than I need in my life.

James Keliher Watching The Tide: On Seafood…

I didn’t used to like eating fish, but amazingly I got into sushi because I like spicy foods. Years ago I was at this sushi place out in Los Angeles called Tokyo Delves that had this spicy tuna roll called 1000% Tuna. I liked the spicy food, and despite the absurd degree of heat, I managed to eat all four pieces and got my picture on the wall.

James Keliher Tokyo Delves

From there on out, I started eating sushi regularly, and moved into ordering actual cooked fish entrees on menus from there on out. I’m not saying I feel connected to the sea simply because I eat fish now and then, but it’s a notable connection that didn’t used to exist in my life.

Another great fish-related dish I had out in Los Angeles a few years back were these tuna-stuffed peppers at Pizzeria Mozza. Truly fantastic, and amazing that something so seemingly simple can taste so amazing. I look forward to the day I find myself back in Los Angeles so I can go back to Mozza and eat these things again. In fact, I might go book a trip out there right now.

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