Testing 1-2-3: I’m James Keliher

Posted on January 6, 2016

Just getting my first post on to see if everything is working as planned.

I have no idea what I’m going to post on this site, but it seemed like it was high time I join the World Wide Web (as the kids call it), share some thoughts, and post the occasional photo of some mediocre pasta that I ate in a restaurant somewhere. That’s what people use the Internet for, I think. Whatever, at least that’s what I plan on doing with it.

Perhaps I’ll share some science stuff too.

Not necessarily just that, but more exciting, more high tech, more James Keliher type of science stuff.

You just wait.

About James Keliher

I’ve always liked science, ever since I was a little kid, and accordingly it played prominently into most of my Halloween costumes. It’s not easy finding a lab coat to fit an eight-year-old, but somehow my parents did it, which is all the more impressive when you realized they did it a half century ago without the help of Google. These days the lab coats just show up at work automatically, or at least they seem to. I’m guessing the office buys them in bulk.

Deep sea exploration is something that’s always fascinated me. It’s that they have all that cool proprietary gear, and get to explore the planet’s greatest depths. Like going to the moon, with far less effort.

The other thing I’m really into these days: Veep on HBO. I’ve been binge watching for the past few days, and now it all makes sense why Julia Louis-Dreyfuss wins all those Emmys. Exceptionally talented cast, top notch writing all adds up to hours of lost sleep as I wrap up this binge over the next few days. Time well spent in my book.  Remember the golden rule: it’s not TV, it’s HBO.

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