The Science of Bikinis by James Keliher

Posted on October 17, 2016

I think many of us can agree that the bikini is one of history’s greatest inventions – right up there with those dedicated urinals in porta potties, the color coquelicot and of course the advent or sarcasm. Anyway, seventy years ago, Louis Rénard created the bathing sensation that ultimately the Vatican would declare as sinful. They can declare it whatever they want, but I declare it AWESOME!

It spent my summer around a shitload of bikinis and it was totally great. Beaches in Florida, beaches in Italy and a crazy hot tub type thing in Sweden – although there the bikinis didn’t stay on all that long. Good times.

Now, as they say, winter is coming, and I’m none too happy about it. Granted, winter isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be anymore; some years we get shafted with a series of blizzards that seem like they’re never going to end, while other times we just have a few cold months. Either way, nobody’s head out to the beaches of The Cape, and the pools back home are all closed up for the season. All in all, it’s lousy for a horndog like me (which WordPress tries to auto-correct to corndog, which I am definitely not), but likely good news for all those who love the change of seasons.

Scientific Fact: James Keliher loves bikinis!

Whatever, nothing new here.

It all leaves me counting the days until Memorial Day Weekend, or planning a trip to someplace sunny and warm before winter really takes hold. Got any good suggestions for me? Destination desires: good strong cocktails (tropical optional), warm weather, good sand on the beaches – none of that shitty stuff, and of course, bikinis. They don’t even need to be those Brazilian micro ones, just tan babes with nice lines, and I’m good to go.

Pass the sunblock, I’m gonna need it.

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