Watching TV Sunday Night

Posted on February 8, 2016

So yeah, I watch TV on Sunday nights. Lots of TV on Sunday nights. It’s one great show after another, and were it not for DVRs and the plethora of network apps on my AppleTV. While I, like the rest of America wait for the return of The Walking Dead (next week!) and Game of Thrones (April…) I’m temporarily content watching The Good Wife, Shameless and Billions – but there’s nothing I’m more jazzed for than 11-22-63 on Hulu. Always been a Stephen King fan, and thought this was one of his better books of late. James Franco is supposed to be stellar, so it should be a good ride.

I’m not sure why TV gets such a bad rap. All those “I don’t own a TV” people denouncing what provides millions of us endless hours of entertainment and joy. Screw those people! A simple and easy device to provide happiness and an escape from our regularly scheduled lives? It’s amazing that it even exists as a technology – and I’m a freaking scientist saying that. People eat for easy happiness, and that’s potentially unhealthy – and least with this, as long as viewers are active at others times in their daily routine, it’s harmless.

What’s amazing these days is that I can load up my iPad with a bunch of great shows, and easily pass the time on my flights to and from London. That’s always a great way to make the time pass quickly – well, that and a few in-flight cocktails that is. It’s tricky sometimes with these non-broadcast shows figuring out what to watch on the plane. Can’t very well watch an episode of Game of Thrones and suddenly have a big pair of titties bouncing across my screen. Hell, even some of Thrones’ more violent scenes aren’t exactly airplane-appropriate.

I need to, as they say, curate my content I guess.

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