James Keliher Science For The Win

Posted on April 23, 2017

So yesterday I, James Keliher, actually had to go out and march in support of science.

Essential, yet so incredibly absurd that it was even necessary – but that’s what happens when America elects its most ignorant and self-serving President in its history. With all the rumored proposed cuts in science funding in the upcoming budget, not to mention all the denial of scientific fact – from the non-dangers of vaccines, to the real dangers of reckless environmental damage, it seems to never stop. This should greatly concern everybody, because these existential threats have the potential to doom us all in the short term and make the planet more or less useless in the long term.


That said, it was one hell of a thrill to be out there marching yesterday among so many like-minded Americans. Being a scientist is a lonely profession in a sense – it’s not like we’re out there meeting dozens of new people every day – so it was refreshing to be in this frenetic, singularly focused temporary community of scientists and science supporters. Saw some old friends, met some new ones, and with any luck nudged our collective agenda a bit forward. If nothing else, we all gave it some much needed attention that will ideally last for more than one news cycle – although that’s less and less likely these days.

James Keliher & Science For The Win

If that wasn’t enough, I met a woman there (imagine that!) and we’re going out this week, destination to be determined. I’ve long said that I don’t date other scientists anymore – although that’s only due to a lousy track record there than anything else. But that credo’s now in the garbage as I see where this new path leads. She fun, younger (of course) and really made me laugh as we shuffled through the streets of Boston waving our respective signage.

Trying to figure out where to go – and we joked about going to, get this, Miracle of Science in Cambridge for drinks to start off our night together. Sure, it’s playing the long game a bit, because it would make for a great narrative if we end up together longterm: two scientists meet at a march for science, have their first date at Miracle of Science and the rest is history.

We’ll see…

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