James Keliher Consulting Services is Born

Posted on February 15, 2018

The job market is so bizarre these days, and it feels like there’s a constant need to adapt to stay marketable to employers. Technology and science have always been evolving, but it’s what people want to pay me to do that seems to keep changing. That said, it’s time for a change. I’m no longer going to be beholden to a single employer, I’m going solo and launching my own consultancy to be scientist for hire – and with that, James Keliher Consulting Services is born.

I’ll be working from home at first, or perhaps get space at WeWork, before figuring out a more permanent lab solution, so that’ll be a big shift for me. I like working with other people, and having that office camaraderie, post-work festivities and of course doing office pranks – but I think this will be better for me long term. If nothing else I get to have both a fun farewell party from the current gig, and a kickass launch party when the new lab opens. Get ready!

So this is fun stuff for me, and I like piecing together my new world to best suit my needs. It’s controlled chaos at times, but I can work well in that space. There just seems to be a lot of shopping to do and things to buy, which is no surprise after working for others all these years, when I’d just submit a request to somebody and the tools I needed would appear a few days later. Now I need to both order and pay for everything myself. I’d imagine down the road I’ll get an assistant or lab tech, but I’m not there yet.

Hope to have everything up and running in 30 days or so, although certainly sooner if possible. A great new adventure awaits – which says a lot considering what an adventure my career has always been.

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