I’m Going To London Next Week!!!

Posted on February 2, 2016

Not bad at all. I have a convention to go to in London next week, and with that my 2016 international travel begins. I’m excited, and I’m a huge fan of London – and I’ve built enough time into the schedule to have enough downtime to have some personal adventures away from the convention.

Need to figure out a hotel, and haven’t even booked a flight yet, but that’s all the fun stuff to figure out. Historically I’ve liked to be near all the action, so the only question is figuring out just where that is in 2016. I was last there two years ago, and while I had a fantastic time, I totally stayed in the wrong part of town. Of course the convention is certain to have its own share of events that are worth attending.

They have Uber in London, right?

Yep, I’m good.

Candy! What London has that’s great is cool candy that they just don’t sell at the corner¬†CVS here in Boston. Crunchie. Aero. Flake. Those all mean business, and there’s hardly a candy comparison here in the States. It’s worth taking an extra bag along – just for the candy. Well, maybe not just for the candy. There’s always Solpadeine that needs to be purchased any time I’m in the UK. Solpadeine is basically Alka-Seltzer with codeine in it. It’s the best hangover cure I’ve ever found, and it’s always a tiny tragedy when my stash runs out once I’m back home.

So that’s the update. I’m off to book a cool hotel in London, my aisle seat in business class, and get ready for a damn fun time on the other side of the pond. All that and some science thrown in along the way too, has the making for the perfect vacation and I simply can’t wait to get going.

Cheerio to all!


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