I like tree-lined streets

Posted on January 12, 2016

There’s something I find soothing about straight tree-lined roads. I’m lucky enough to encounter these in nature now and then, but most commonly I see it in photographs like this one here.

Off hand I can think of a few occurrences out in the wild: Avenue of The Pines in Saratoga Springs, NY, Versailles, the Tree Tunnel in Kauai, and of course the iconic streets of Beverly Hills (couldn’t find a good picture there). I always try to grab a shot when I can, and perhaps if I ever get my scanner setup, I’ll post a few of them on here, or perhaps on my new Instagram feed.

Until then, this gem will have to do. Consider these shots my happy place, away from the lab, out in the world witnessing, if not precisely convening with, nature. Of course, the lab comes into play with everything these days it seems, and even NASA jumped in on the tree-lined streets thing, and has released a report declaring that it’s a living on a tree-lined street is a healthier way to live. It’s that whole heat island problem.

So they look cool, and are good for us all: the Power Duo.

Unrelated note: my nickname back in grad school was Master Steak because I was so damn good at working the grill. Every Friday night I’d make the marinade from scratch, and dump the steaks into the mix and marinate overnight for my weekly Sunday BBQs. Life was good there in the backyard, beneath the trees, which now that I think about, had some symmetry of their own.

I had a girlfriend back in college, well, she was kind of a girlfriend. I called her Lacey (you do the math), and she was a good kid. She always wanted me to grill up some chicken, which is funny, because James Keliher was Master Steak, not the Chicken King. Regardless, a big shoutout to Lacey, wherever she may be in 2016.

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