Crypto, Blockchain, Bitcoin and more…

Posted on February 13, 2018

Crypto, Blockchain, Bitcoin, it’s all Greek to James Keliher.

It’s funny, that because I’m a scientist and deemed “smart” by society, everybody now automatically assumes I know everything there is to know about the blockchain, Bitcoin and all that stuff. Turns out I wasn’t born with an inherent understanding of cryptocurrency, but I can muddle my way through and try to make sense of it all. From what I can see, it’s all very exciting, and while there’s clearly a ton of money to be made, there’s also vast potential to lose a ton of money. From hackers stealing an untraceable currency, to massive market fluctuations.

James Keliher Bitcoin King

That said, I jumped in a few years back – and at various points over the past few years, had racked up a ridiculous shit-ton of profits had I cashed out at the right time. As it is, I’m holding. Not selling yet, and not scared yet, because I believe the market will bounce back. Even as it is, if I cashed out today, I’d have still made an absurd profit on what started out as a very meager investment. This is good.

If you’re thinking about getting in, and wondering if now is the right time, I can’t answer that for you. As always the question is if you can afford to lose whatever you’re investing on the off chance things go horribly awry and the BTC market crashes. If the answer to that is yes, and it’s time to get in the game (and it feels like a game at times more than it does reality), it’s simple enough to do – just go open a Coinbase account, link it to your existing checking or savings account, and make a purchase of BTC, Ethereal or whatever your thing is.

With any luck all will go swimmingly, and one day we’ll bump into each other on some tropical isle, surrounded by women and rum, living life like the playboys we deserve to be.



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