Starbucks Trickery

Posted on February 23, 2016

There's been no greater scam perpetrated on the world in the past fifteen years than the ascension of Starbucks and the rise of the $6 coffee. I've never been much of a coffee drinker, but I can see what's happening, and know it's utterly absurd. This is before I factor in all those Frappuccinos with their mountains of sugar in each drink. It's silly really. That said, you gotta hand it to Starbucks for simplifying the whole process. As one ...

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Watching TV Sunday Night

So yeah, I watch TV on Sunday nights. Lots of TV on Sunday nights. It's one great show after another, and were it not for DVRs and the plethora of network apps on my AppleTV. While I, like the rest of America wait for the return of The Walking Dead (next week!) and Game of Thrones (April…) I'm temporarily content watching The Good Wife, Shameless and Billions - but there's nothing I'm more jazzed for than 11-22-63 on Hulu. Always been a ...

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Walking Dead

I’m Going To London Next Week!!!

Posted on February 2, 2016 Not bad at all. I have a convention to go to in London next week, and with that my 2016 international travel begins. I'm excited, and I'm a huge fan of London - and I've built enough time into the schedule to have enough downtime to have some personal adventures away from the convention. Need to figure out a hotel, and haven't even booked a flight yet, but that's all the fun stuff to figure out. Historically ...

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Watching The Tide at The Beach

The beach is a good place. I wrote about this the other day, and in case you had any lingering doubts, I posted this video to set you straight. More waves make for a better afternoon, that's for sure. James Keliher at The Beach from James Keliher on Vimeo. What I don't get about the beach, which I admittedly love year-round is this whole polar bear club nonsense, of people jumping in the North Atlantic in January. Seems like a great ...

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I like tree-lined streets

I, James Keliher like tree lined streets.There's something I find soothing about straight tree-lined roads. I'm lucky enough to encounter these in nature now and then, but mostly I see them in photographs.

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James Keliher Trees and Road

James Keliher At The Beach

Posted on January 8, 2016

Going to the beach, there's just something awesome about it. I grew up going to The Cape and Martha's Vineyard, so I know a good beach when I see one. I'm always amazed when people in Los Angeles talk about how wonderful the beaches are there, when if memory serves, it's a big flat beach with a dirty ocean on one side, and a sea of paved parking lot on the other - and on the far side of that parking lot: a highway. It's not Aquinnah, that's for ...

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Testing 1-2-3: I’m James Keliher

Posted on January 6, 2016

Just getting my first post on to see if everything is working as planned. I have no idea what I'm going to post on this site, but it seemed like it was high time I join the World Wide Web (as the kids call it), share some thoughts, and post the occasional photo of some mediocre pasta that I ate ...

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James Keliher Boardwalk