Me By The Numbers

Here are a few random statistics about my life, both cumulative and current.

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    Countries I've Traveled To
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    Shows I Watch
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    Photos Taken
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    Vegas Winnings
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    Videogames I Love

The Deal With Me…

CE-FLAISETI'm not that complex to figure out. As I say all the time, if I do something once and I like it, chances are, I'll do it again. That's a solid credo to live by, and it's served me well for the past few decades. I've traveled around the world, met some fantastic people, along with some really shitty people, seen truly breathtaking sights and witnessed devastating heartbreak. Upshot: my life has been pretty damn fantastic.

That being the case, I'm going to try my best to write about it all. Say Hi, Email me

My Skills

  1. Eating Tasty Things 80%
  2.  Traveling 60%
  3. Pondering 40%
  4. Being Scientific 90%
I've been into science ever since I was a little kid, and why not? It's far easier to grow up and be a scientist than it is to grow up and be Batman. The experiments, the precision, the analysis all of it is right up my alley. Granted, I like seeing the world, eating whatever I encounter in my travels, and dwelling on it all. Not a bad life.   I've got some great friends, and together we've amassed some truly unbelievable adventures. I've had a career with both great personal successes and staggering scientific discoveries.

  • I sat down and wrote the best words I could write.- Bob Dylan
  • If you can laugh with a woman, everything else falls into place.- Richard Burton
  • Fate deserves to get the shit kicked out of it every once in awhile.- Gary Gray